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This is not an overnight process. It is 6-month to a year at best. Once you get your facility number assigned, there is more. 

  • Within 1 – 2 weeks of submitting your application to Community Care Licensing’s, Centralized Application Unit in Sacramento, you will receive a letter saying your application has been “accepted” (on the surface everything looks good). This letter will assign you a 9-digit temporary facility number that will become your permanent number once all is complete. 


  • Once you get your temporary facility number assigned, you will need to associate your prints with your new number. There is no fee for this. You will use LIC 9182 and mail it to your local CCL Office with a copy of your Driver’s License. 

  • The fire inspection and verifying funds is within a month of submitting to CCL. CCL needs to make sure you are structurally and financially sound before they proceed. 

  • You do not have to be turn-key ready for the Fire Marshal.  You must have your must have your corkboard with a few things posted, your fire extinguisher, self-releasing handles on all exits, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector. There is then a lull; about three months. 

  • Notice of Incomplete Application. If anything is missing, not signed or needs clarity, a letter will be sent. These modifications are done at no additional charge.

  • Component II is scheduled. This is the Face-To-Face. It is done via Skype/phone with Sacramento. They are putting a face with a name and there are questions asked that are pass or fail. This happens about a month after all of the missing items are completed.  

  • Notice of Incomplete Application. Another cursory check is done and if anything is still missing a letter will be mailed. The program design is then sent to your local CCL Office to schedule a pre-licensing visit. This happens 1 – 2 weeks after the Component II.

  • Your local office will schedule a pre-licensing visit. I will provide you with a check list to prepare for this. If all is well, your local office will sign off and send it back to Sacramento/Centralized Application Unit. This is about two weeks after the Component II but is contingent on yours and the analyst schedule. 

  • Your analyst then will have his/her manager sign off on the design. This is about one month after the Competent II. 

  • Meanwhile you are scheduled for a Component III which is a group orientation; Welcome to Licensing!! 

  • Once the supervisor signs off, a License is issued in 2 weeks - a month

Program Design Writing
Program Design Writing